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This questionnaire is designed to enhance communications between Plush Web Design and our clients. Use this form to help you compile the information you need to design an effective, comprehensive, and user-friendly company Website. 



What is your company name?
What is your domain name? (ie: www.mysite.com)
If you don't have a domain name, what name would you like?
Do you have an existing website?
Yes No
If yes, what do you like about your website?
What do you not like?
What elements from your existing website
do you want to keep?
Would you like to keep your existing colors
Yes No
Do you need a logo?
Yes No
Would you like to keep your existing logo?
Yes No
Will you be providing content for the website?
Yes No
How many pages do you expect to have?
Will you be providing graphics?
Yes No
Would you like us to provide graphics?
Yes No
How graphically intense do you want your site to be?
Very Graphical Average Text
What is the purpose of your website?
Please give us a description of your site:
Who is your target audience?
What is your slogan?
What will the primary sections of your website be?
How many menu items will you want?
What type of menu do you want?
One level menu Multi level drop-down menu Buttons
Please provide samples of websites you like:
Sample 1:

What do you like about it?

Sample 2:

What do you like about it?

Sample 3:

What do you like about it?

Please provide links to your competitors' websites:
Competitor 1:
Competitor 2:
Competitor 3:
What color scheme do you like?
Bright colors Dark colors Light colors
What font do you like?
Arial Verdana Times New Roman Courier
What font size do you like?
Large Average Small
What emotions do you want your site to convey?
Power Speed Energy Safety Luxury Funny
In general, how would you describe the style of your site?
Romantic Conservative Business Sports
Do you require a splash page/intro to your website?
Yes No